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“Higher education stands for humanism, for tolerance, for reason, for adventure of ideas and for the search of truth.” J L Nehru. It gives me immense pleasure to acknowledge and appreciate the choices of all young learners who have opted to embark the journey of higher education in Government College for Girls Sector 52, Gurugram. Though the college is in its infancy yet I have courage to assure you that this institution shall conscientiously work for development of character, knowledge and wisdom. The responsibility of the higher educational institution is to provide to the society with leaders in all walks of life: thinkers, scientists, politicians, bureaucrats and specialists who by virtue of their merit, competence and self- motivation become the torch-bearers of the march towards nation development. The dehisced seeds from these ripened fruits should have the potential to germinate into responsible citizens who can protect and preserve the values for posterity and society. Unless the values like justice, liberty, equality and fraternity as enshrined in the Constitution are preserved the democracy cannot be preserved. It is the duty of the higher education institutions to instill love for higher values; sensitivity for the poor and sufferings; regard and respect for women and faith in brotherhood regardless of caste, creed and color. The immensity of I don’t know is always higher than immensity of I know and the principle of knowledge is the more you know the less you know. There is a Budhist saying that all knowledge of the planet and beyond runs after a query, means question is the engine of all knowledge. Being a student of science I am of the firm belief that for creation of candid and conceptualized knowledge, for innovations and inventions and expunging superstitions nourishment of curiosity and inculcation of inquisitiveness should be prime concern so that the question remains alive in young aspiring minds. I am of the considered opinion that surplus of the effort can overcome the deficit of confidence/luck and there is no substitute for hard work. Everyone has a time in life when he/she needs to put in maximum, so earlier is better. It is high time. Faith in mission enhances commitment and unquenchable faith in mission can change the course of history. Humans as a species are said to be the most powerful creation of nature bestowed with limitless potential, therefore can attain any objective. Last not the least, I wish all my beloved students that the day you complete your journey of this college, you are an empowered but responsible citizen of the country and leave behind worth emulating footprints for the generations to come. With all blessings and good wishes.